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Lasting Back Pain Relief

Lay Down.  Relax.  Decompress.

The safest, most effective home therapy available for chronic lower back pain.

backPro CPM therapy table

Back Pro CPM Therapy Table

  • Save Time & Money – Use At Home
  • For Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Only 15 Minutes Per Day
  • Same Therapy as the Professional Version Used in Clinics
  • Completely Natural – Works With Your Body
  • Improve Lower Back Blood Flow
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce or Eliminate Addictive Pain Meds
  • Avoid Dangerous Surgery
  • Trusted by Medical Professionals

Modern CPM Therapy

Continuous Passive Motion is the most natural way to reduce lower back pain. Continuous Passive Motion aids in healing by moving synovial fluid in the joints of the back and by bringing blood flow to the lower back which accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. This removes prostaglandin buildup and reduces inflammation which is the root cause of lower back pain and sciatica.


How The Back Pro Operates

The Back Pro contains a powerful motor that pushes and pulls from your feet. The sure-grip pad under your back holds your torso in place without any restraints. The movement at your feet creates forces of decompression or compression in the lower spine.  This promotes the synovial fluid movement and increased blood flow necessary for healing to take place.

You are always in control of the therapy by utilizing a simple remote to control the pace and strength.

Additionally, because of the offset between the lower spine, hip and femur bone, a pelvic tilt is realized on each CPM cycle. The pelvic tilt exercise is encouraged by therapists for a wide variety of lower back conditions. With the Back Pro, performing this exercise becomes effortless.

Pioneering The Use of CPM For The Lower Back

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) therapy was originally developed by Dr. Robert B. Salter in the 1970s and revolutionized the healing of cartilage in knee and elbow joints. A CPM device works by exercising the joint while the patient relaxes exerting no effort at all. The induced movement of synovial fluid allows for better diffusion of nutrients into damaged cartilage and diffusion of blood and waste products out of the joint. It’s estimated that CPM therapy is currently used in over 15,000 hospitals worldwide.

The Back Pro was designed to harness the power of Dr. Salter’s CPM therapy and apply it to the lumbar region of the back. This promotes synovial fluid movement to bring nutrients and blood flow to reduce inflammation in the affected lower back region.

Mobilization Is Key

The effectiveness of CPM is derived from the movement of the joint. Patients with back pain naturally immobilize themselves. It’s a normal, typical reaction to the discomfort. This limits synovial fluid and blood flow, compounding the problem by limiting the natural healing process. This is similar to the “old school” thinking of immobilization for recovery.

The Back Pro gives the patient the opportunity to relax and begin to mobilize the lumbar region. The passive, repetitive motion of gentle traction and compression delivers just the right amount of mobilization. This promotes synovial fluid movement to bring nutrients to the affected area and blood flow to reduce inflammation, naturally fostering the healing process.

Warranty Guarantee

$695 plus sales tax, which INCLUDES our 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the Back Pro just contact us directly and request an RMN, pack up the machine in the box it came in, write the RMN number on the outside of the box and ship it back. Once it’s received in good condition, your original cost will be refunded.


Meet Our Founder, Randy Fenkell

We are excited to introduce you to our founder, inventor and  innovator  Randall (Randy) Fenkell!

Randy has dedicated over 40 years of his life to creating solutions for those with chronic back pain and sciatica. (He and his wife had sustained trauma causing severe back pain. He knew there had to be a solution to relieve their pain since very little provided lasting relief!)

Randy knew tens of thousands suffered intense back pain so he toiled tirelessly to create a machine that would provide AFFORDABLE relief to back pain sufferers. Not only that, he realized it’s users would benefit from being able to use the equipment in the comfort of their own home.

While previous models were very effective and worked very well for all who purchased it, the price point was such that many who really needed it were not able to afford it. Back to the drawing board Randy went. He collaborated with many healthcare professionals and manufacturing organizations to provide an affordable solution, The BackPro CPM Table.

The BackPro CPM Table has been praised by healthcare professionals, athletes, and even the Veteran’s Administration. And this is the best testimony: Randy still uses his own BackPro CPM daily to ensure he stays free from pain.

Back Pain Sufferers Rejoice!  Through his hard work and dedication Randy engineered the BackPro CPM and achieved his mission:  giving those that suffer from back pain and sciatica a pain-free life!

Positive Results

Since introducing the BackPro CPM to my practice I’ve had great results with my low back patients. I couldn’t be happier to have it in my practice and getting such positive results.

Dr. Thomas Kopsch

How It Works

Customer Testimonials

Within 10 days of using it, I was pain free. I started golfing and playing hockey with no pain at all.

Dan C.

I’d highly recommend the product to people with lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Valerie G.

I don’t take any pain killers anymore. The BackPro has given me the ability to stay off prescription medications for pain.

Victor R.

It’s given me relief to the point where I just can’t say enough good things about it.

John P.

Herb Schmidt
PGA Professional

I was able to play golf 4 days in a row last week without any pain whatsoever.