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Meet Our Founder!

Back Pain Sufferers Rejoice!
Through his hard work and dedication, Randy engineered the BackPro CPM and achieved his mission: giving those that suffer from back pain and sciatica a pain-free life!

Randall Fenkell

Randy has dedicated over 40 years of his life to creating solutions for those with chronic back pain and sciatica. He and his wife had sustained trauma causing severe back pain. He knew there had to be a solution to relieve their pain since nothing provided lasting relief!

Randy knew thousands who suffered intense back pain - so he toiled tirelessly to create a machine that would provide AFFORDABLE relief to back pain sufferers.

Not only that, he realized its users would benefit from being able to use the equipment in the comfort of their own homes.

While previous models were effective and worked well for all who purchased them, but many who really needed them were unable to afford the product

So Randy went back to the drawing board.

He collaborated with many healthcare professionals and manufacturing organizations to provide an affordable solution, The BackPro (CPM) Table.

The BackPro has been praised by healthcare professionals, athletes, and even the Veteran’s Administration.

Founder Randall Fenkell

Randy still uses his own BackPro CPM daily to ensure he stays free from pain!

The BackPro Product 2

The Back Pro (CPM)

Decompression, is it good or bad

Decompression has been shown to be beneficial to the body since it aids in the movement of synovial fluids through the joints. Decompression, on the other hand, is costly because it must be done twice a year; that money could purchase 6 Back Pro Motorized tables and have the same result.

Bulging Disc Icon

Bulging Disc

Bulging in the spine never sounds good. But before you worry too much, let’s delve into what a “bulging disc” diagnosis really means.
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Herniated Disc Icon

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs come with various symptoms, including pain in the neck or back, sharp, shooting pain, and numbness or tingling.
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Lower Back Pain Icon

Lower Back Pain

When lower back pain is constant and keeps you from living your best life, there may be a serious problem going on in your back.
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When you’re walking along without a care, and suddenly a pain shoots from your back down into your leg, it may be your sciatic nerve.
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Spinal Cord Compression Icon

Spinal Cord Compression

A compressed spine can show itself in a variety of ways, depending on the severity of the compression and where it’s located.
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Customers Love Us

Within 10 days of using it, I was pain-free. I started golfing and playing hockey with no pain at all.
Dan C

Dan C

I don’t take any pain killers anymore. The BackPro has given me the ability to stay off prescription medications for pain.
Victor R

Victor R

I’d highly recommend the product to people with lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. I don’t know what I would have done without it.
Valerie G

Valerie G

It’s given me relief to the point where I just can’t say enough good things about it.
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John P

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